Web Analytics Services

Web Analytics Services

Perkminds Pvt. Ltd., is a website designing/development & Digital Marketing company in India. It provides all Digital Marketing services. Perkminds also provides best web analytics services.

Web analytics is a powerful resource for any website or online presence. By monitoring the way that customers interact with your website online, you can customize their experiences to increase your sales, clicks, and conversions.

Web analytics services tools monitor the way that users interact with your website through their behaviors and activities. It is the entire process of collection, analysis, and reporting of data generated from the interaction of the users with your website.

The reports from the analytics tools allow webmasters and marketers to understand user interactions such as the length of time they were on the site, which pages they visited, and if they clicked on links or filled out forms.

 you’ll see these types of raw data in your web analytics reports –

  • Web Traffic: The number of incoming and outgoing website visitors you receive within a given period
  • Views: The number of times a page has been viewed
  • Clicks: The number of times a link has been clicked
  • Unique visitors: First-time visitors to your website per day, per week or month
  • Bounce rate: Perkminds will tell you, the percentage of visitors that leave the site quickly without interacting contribute to the bounce rate
  • Conversion rate: You will get to know the rate of visitors making purchases from your site, signing up for newsletters or subscribing to a service
  • Organic traffic: You will also get to know the visitors that arrive at your website directly from a search engine and not from social media or other blogs
  • Direct traffic: Visitors that come to your website by going to your address directly and not from a search engine

Perkminds expert team does the research and analysis of web analytics data and customized the client’s digital campaign accordingly.