Digital Marketing Company In India

Digital Marketing Company In India

Perkminds is the best digital marketing company in India. What began as a simple way to promote products, services, and brands on digital devices, digital marketing has now morphed into a mainstream practice adopted by businesses across the board.

When digital marketing was initially envisioned, most in the marketing space didn’t believe it would be the force it is today. This was partly because no one envisioned digital devices growing at the pace they do now. It is thus no surprise that the increased digitization of many facets of our lives, from shopping to transacting and conversing, has led to the rise of digital marketing. Perkminds is the best digital marketing company in India. Our expert team of digital marketers accomplishes the client’s business goals.

Unlike most other fields, digital marketing is a constantly evolving field.  This is because technological changes are most prevalent in the digital landscape rather than in other fields. Due to change being the only constant in the digital world, digital marketing is almost always changing and expanding to new avenues.

In this article, we will discuss some aspects of digital marketing which prospective learners need to keep in mind before taking the step to joining the industry as digital marketers.

Why is Digital Marketing Important?

In a world where digital devices are as commonplace as they are in ours, marketers cannot ignore digital platforms for promotional activities.

Marketers tend to gravitate towards platforms which are most viewed by their intended audience. Before digital marketing came to the fore, newspapers, magazines, and TV ads were the most popular platforms for marketing. This was because these platforms had a much wider reach compared to any other public forum. For any business, big or small, the path to reaching a wide audience was very limited.

In traditional marketing, a small business would naturally find it difficult to compete with bigger competitors over expensive advertisement costs on TV, newspapers, and radio. Digital marketing is important because it ended up playing a vital role in breaking this mold. Through digital marketing, small brands can compete with big businesses by creating quality content and other digital marketing techniques to woo customers. Perkminds is the company which is the best digital marketing company in India.

From a small retail shop looking to compete against a large retailer to a small start-up seeking a large audience, focus on digital marketing has almost become necessary at this point.

Not only digital marketing useful for companies, but even customers tend to expect brands to have a strong digital game. Many old and successful brands have suffered because of their delayed entrance to digital marketing. Thus, the importance of digital marketing is not just manifested by its advantages over traditional forms of promotion, but also because of an inherent expectation of customers to interact with brands digitally.

Digital Marketing Courses- Are they necessary?

A reason why many consider digital marketing as a vocation is because of their perception of the field is easy to master.

The perception is false, and digital marketing is not an easy subject to master. For this reason, there are many institutes and online platforms which offer digital marketing courses. There has always been a debate over the need for taking up full-time courses in digital marketing. While there is one side which thinks learning digital marketing through formal courses is advisable, there is another point of view which states that no type of formal training is necessary.

Ideally, a student should take up a digital marketing course if resources such as time and money are available. Formal training has several advantages, one of which is getting to learn from experienced trainers with years spent working in the industry. Furthermore, getting the chance to learn alongside fellow digital marketing prospects is an opportunity which should be passed up.

Thus, if a given student has the chance to join a full-time digital marketing course, they should take up the opportunity. Students should do their homework in terms of evaluating the reliability of the institute offering the digital marketing course.

What is the Scope of Digital Marketing?

A key question to ask before delving into any line of work is whether the field even has a scope. This is true for digital marketing as well. It is a fair question for any prospective future digital marketing executive to ask if there is any scope in the field.

The answer to the question is that digital marketing has an endless scope. No professional in the industry would normally be concerned about the future of digital marketing.

The reasons for this are many. Despite great advancement in digital devices, we are still at a stage where there is a lot more to come. New technologies on the horizon, such as machine learning, AI, and big data are slated to change the way people interact through digital devices.

Evolution in technology is important for the continued improvement of digital marketing. As a field predicated on its dynamic nature, digital marketing has to evolve and help brands react to changes in the digital space.

Furthermore, we have seen the increased role of social media in our lives. A lot of our time every day is spent on social media which ends up shaping our outlook towards a lot of things in life. From being built to emulate the social structure of real life, social media platforms have evolved into something else entirely. Their monopoly over the general population makes certain the future of digital marketing as a bankable field for the future.

What does the typical Digital Marketer do?

For any given digital marketing prospect, it is important to know the role a digital marketer plays while working in the industry. Digital marketing executives are now hired by companies from a range of fields. Startups look at digital marketers when hiring the first few people of their team. The value of digital marketers, especially those who can rapidly produce desirable results, has never been higher.

The typical job profile of a digital marketing executive is to work on link building and improve content. These two jobs form the core responsibilities of a digital marketer, something any professional in the field should be able to perform.

Other skills such as AdWords proficiency and SMO expertise are also part of a digital marketer’s brief. These, however, vary from company to company. While some brands are fully invested in SEM to drive traffic, others tend to focus solely on SEO optimization.

The expectation from a digital marketer is to increase the online visibility of a brand by driving traffic to the website. To achieve this, digital marketers have to work on improving a company’s position in all tenets of digital marketing, from SEO and SEM to social media and content.

Given the current climate, digital marketers are also required to be analysts in practice. Much of digital marketing is about analyzing the performance of campaigns and making the right changes to improve results in the future. Thus, a talented digital marketer should have a grasp of using data insights to make decisions on digital marketing tactics to be used.

What are the Benefits of Digital Marketing?

The benefits of digital marketing are many. One key problem digital marketing solves is the ability to target and measure.

Let us consider a simple example. As a bookseller, you decide to invest in both traditional and digital marketing. For traditional marketing, you order the publishing and distribution of a thousand pamphlets in the area surrounding your bookshop.

The pamphlets are sent to all residential homes in the vicinity. Meanwhile, for digital marketing, you create a website and start creating useful content on literature to attract visitors. You also use AdWords to take out search ads.

The difference in both is the ability to target and measure. You have no way of knowing whether the thousand pamphlets you distributed even reached your intended audience. It is entirely possible that most people who got the pamphlet had no interest in reading or books in general. This problem is practically unsolvable, as there is no way of making sure the pamphlets specifically reach people who might one day be customers.

The opposite is true for digital marketing. Any move you make in digital marketing can be used to target a specific audience. In the case of creating content, you can choose keywords which are most likely to be used by your audience in searches. The same can be done while taking out PPC campaigns on search engines.

The best part is that you can also see the results of your efforts. To check if the content is performing well, you can check website traffic and SERP for a given webpage. To know whether an ad campaign is performing well, all you need to do is check the CTR rate.

This example demonstrates the advantage of digital marketing over traditional forms of outreach. While this is not to say traditional marketing is entirely useless, but rather emphasizing the need for digital marketing in the current climate.

What Challenges do Digital Marketers Face?

With all its advantages, digital marketing poses plenty of challenges to the professionals practicing it in the industry. Some of these challenges have been discussed below.

High Competition

Digital marketing is a highly competitive field which requires marketers to tussle with many brands directly for the same audience.

Let’s consider a digital marketer ABC working for a healthcare company. ABC has to make sure the company’s website is on an equal footing with other healthcare websites. Not only that, ABC has to make sure his website does not fall behind other competitors on any platform, either site rankings or social media.

The basis of the problem lies in the fact that most healthcare websites target the same keywords. This leads to cut-throat competition, not just for rankings, but for visibility across all platforms such as social media and ad space.

To overcome this challenge, digital marketers have to rely on the quality of their content to eventually attract more visitors. This is the reason content is regarded as the most important part of a digital marketing campaign. Any level of competition can be negated if the content being created is a hit with readers.

The Problem with Advertising

More and more people are subliminally trained to skip consuming advertorial content. Think about the last time you visited a website and read what an ad was saying.

The general internet populace does not like ads ruining their browsing experience. The popularity of ad-blocking plugins in browsers is a prime example of how there is a general shift away from ads.

This is a major challenge digital marketers have to fend off. After all, marketing without advertising is almost inconceivable.

To overcome this particular challenge, digital marketers have to understand the new paradigm to identify new customers. Content marketing has emerged as the counter to the fall of advertising. While users ignore advertorial content, they do consume content which seems genuine, engaging, and well-researched. Instead of promoting their products, many companies are adhering to the principles of inbound marketing by creating content to establish trust with customers. 

Another method to tackle advertising blips is using native ads. Native ads are those which assimilate with the native content of the website. Since the makeup of native ads is unlike those of conventional adverts, they end up generating higher engagement.

Rising Costs of Ads

Whether it is search ads or social media advertising, the costs of running such campaigns has shot up in the past few years. While online ads are still relatively cheap compared to large scale traditional marketing techniques, the ROI has begun to shrink due to rising ad costs.

To counter this, digital marketers now have to be very good at knowing their audience. Major adverting platforms such as Google AdSense and Facebook Ads offer advertisers many features to make sure the ad can be targeted to the right people. Digital marketers have to be creative and try and find ways to reach new segments of the audience which might be interested in the product or service being promoted. Perkminds is the best digital marketing company in India, which offers the best digital marketing services.